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Our company provides permanent program, prompt services and we also are in good relations with port and custom police authorities and with other state authorities.

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Maritime Transport

Maritime Transport

Our agency provide a high standard of services and full maritime consulting services due to our professional staff with vast experience in the field, using a variety of ships arriving in Romanian ports. The department of our company provides full vessel assistance for any kind of ship is in the Romanian ports on Black Sea: Constanta, Agigea, Mangalia and Midia, offering the following services:

  • Port Ship Agency services, under owner’s/chatterer’s demands
  • Berthing assistance, customs & border formalities and free practice
  • Permanent up-dated information such as berthing prospects, cargo readiness, weather conditions and communication in time
  • Fresh water supply from shore or barge to port berths/road
  • Providing medical services
  • Survey and insurance for operations of loading / discharging
  • Keeping control of ships charges in port
  • Technical repairs in marine workshops or with specialists directly on board, bunkering, ship chandler services and ship-supplier services
  • Crew repatriation/boarding, crew pick-up/drop, customs & border formalities

Our disbursement accounts are a natural symptom of a healthy shipping market and following today’s competition grown, our ability is to produce/create an increasingly valuable service with stable agency fees.