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Our company provides permanent program, prompt services and we also are in good relations with port and custom police authorities and with other state authorities.

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Cargo Forwarding

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Cargo Forwarding

As a leading Shipping Services Agency in Constanta, we are appreciated by our customers and traders based on very good partnerships with all authorities, we have direct contact with all operators in the port of Constanta, warehouses for forwarding, transport, container terminal becoming a dynamic company that provides services throughout the transport of goods.

Karina Shipping Agency covers all services related to goods forwarding through the port of Constanta:

  • Transshipping goods from ships or containers in cars or trucks, barges, wagons and sending them to any location in Romania or Europe;
  • Transshipping goods, machinery and construction;
  • Ensuring all services for the “door to door” shipment of goods;
  • Loading of goods in container liner vessels and sending them out from port, the representation of the client, the sender in Constanta port;
  • Preparation of documents reception, transship, including freight forwarding, the import / export customs, python-sanitary and other necessary measures ;
  • Organization of storage of goods in port, in closed or opened spaces or on the platform, before/after the arrival of the ship, representation and conduct all formalities for discharge license and send them by rail or car to export or import;
  • Supervision of port operations and of the costs involved, which contribute greatly to the budget; 

At this point, the reputation of Karina Shipping Agency is supported by professional and experienced staff, and the quality of services offered, benefits to which our company was elected as important contributor to importers / exporters, manufacturers in Romania and Europe.

Also, our favorable prices, discounts and various forms of payment are factors that have contributed to attracting permanent satisfied customers.

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